He was tall ,dark and handsome,

His eyes were dark and penetrating,

His hair jet black and soft like old leather

Isn’t that the definition of male beauty??


My father fancied wearing leather boots and hats which made him look like a cowboy except that he did not have a horse .i love boots too ,i think i picked  that from him .Ooh and i also have his hair,soft and long .

Country music ,brightened his moods as well as swahili songs .He listened to dolly partons songs every now and then.His cars’ stereo was ever blaring with the song,”jolene,jolene,jolene ,please dont take away my man”or the likes of,embe dodo ,embe dodo limelala mchangani.Whenever i hear this songs ,memories of my old man flash in my mind .

He loved black cofee,he preffered it hot and strong.I think that his cofee kept his mind working and eyes wide open because he was a night owl and an early bird,he slept in the wee small hours and woke up at the crack of dawn.

My old man loved watching action movies starred by actors like arnold schwerzniger,jean claude,jackie chan,bruce lee.He was my dj afro,because whenever we were watching he was there to explain everything and what will happen next,,such a spoiler😬😬😬😬.i love watching movies too,that,i got from him too.Damn,i got so many of his characters😁😁

Dad worked in the  kenyan army.He looked so strong,authoratative and confident in his combat suit .Actually he looked like captain tom chandler in the series movie,,the last ship.Beneath his combat suit ,lurked a gentleman ,a father,a husband and a guardian angel to many

He tamed dogs ,doves and cats.His dogs were so brave and would snarl angrily at any stranger .He trained them in a civilized manner ,they would not nibble on any other meat stake unless given by him.His doves perched on his shoulders,spreading their wings with bliss and joy as he fed them with corn and millet.

My dad always said that my witty brain matched his brains.yes i made stellar performance in my exams and all he said was that i am so bright “just like him.

He loved his bottle.Scotch blended whisky ,gin,martini..He was an enigma .so unpredictable.He had an answer to every question,a solution to every situation.My old man was funny at the same time ,he used to send each of us red rose flowers during valentine day.upto date,for the two decades of my life,I have never recieved flowers from anyone apart from dad.

I loved him so much,he believed in me .He talked highly about me and made me feel good about myself ,he was my friend ,mentor not until cancer knocked started gnawing at his flesh without an iota of mercy.

His body became frail,He was flinching and writhing in pain.His skin darkened and eyes sunk deeper and my strong old man was now so thin and his skin stretched tightly over the bones like sticks.

Death was seducing him with every passing hour.Death was beckoning and winking at him mischieviously.

This brought grief,sorrow and endless tears in my life.I prayed for him with utmost devotion and concentration.I told God to keep him longer and i could not bare watching life seep out of him each day.

At one wild moment i felt so mad at myself because i could do nothing to save him.yes ,nothing .i started making wishes on the stars,started practicing novena,i started fasting and prayed fervently but nothing changed actually he grew worse.My hope did not dim .

I vividly recall that fateful day ,when i came from school and found dread plastered on everyones face,                  all i could hear were wails,silent cries,whispers and my knees grew weak,my throat went dry ,my voice abadoned me ,my stomach dropped and my fears were being confirmed by the look on their faces.yes my hero kissed the world life had gone blue

I cried myself to sleep and for a moment i wished i could sleep forever because i could not bear living without my hero.i curled into a fetal ball wishing he stayed longer,atleast i could have held his hand during his last moments.

But now that you are gone dad,i know you are seated among the angels.if you could see me now dad,you would be proud of me,you would pat me on the back because i have achieved alot that would put a smile on your face.

My hero,guardian angel ,may you forever rest in peace and today i decided to pen down  memories of you .i love you so much dad to infinity and even in my second life time i will still love you and i miss you so much .❤❤❤❤❤❤